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Guitar Lessons in Lincoln
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Lessons for all levels...

At Wild Sounds we like to try and teach in a way that we would enjoy being taught ourselves, so we keep it relaxed and friendly, there's no pressure to do grades if that's not what you're looking to do.

How the lessons work...

For us the most important factor in teaching guitar is to find out what YOU want to get out of it. If you're just setting out it can seem daunting, and you may think that it'll take a long time before you're playing anything like the guitar players you enjoy... but this isn't the case! So here's how we work...

1. We have a chat about what you want to achieve
2. We work out a plan of attack
3. We start learning the music you want to learn

Easy as that, no wasting time playing music you don't like or working on grades if you don't want to. We strive to make the lessons as easy going as possible, encouraging you to get the best out of your playing, while constantly reviewing your progress and advising the best way forward at each stage. Give Marcky a call or drop Wild Sounds an email and let us know how we can help.
Why do grades?

Grades can be an intensely rewarding step-by-step way of learning essential techniques and styles, building grade-by-grade into a solid and recognised base for your individual style to grow from.

Wild Sounds teach grades 1-8 Rock School qualifications, which allow the greatest amount of freedom for you to appreciate the necessary skills for your preferred style of playing.

If you want some more info about Rock School Grades and Exams you can click on this link to visit their website:
Lessons & Grades
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